Wedding Party Hire London

This is the ultimate wedding package featuring top of the range Dj equipment and speaker system for the larger wedding. Also features 16 Led uplights and 4 Isolution 250s moving heads. If you want the “WoW’ factor, we recommend it.

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Package 1.6 k

Ideal for your party, weddings, pubs and small clubs of up to 200 people. With it’s 800w sub this pro-Dj system delivers club sound at an affordable price. It also includes a 125w dj monitor. Enjoy the highest quality in sound equipment for hire in the London area.

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iPod Package 2 – 1.8K

We’ve added a 1000w sub onto this package for those who want a thumping bass end at their event. For audiences up to 150 people. 2 Mackie Srm450 speakers+stands, 1 Mackie Srm1801 sub, 1 Soundcraft mixer + all cables.

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Band package 1.6 k

The sound system you want when you’re running the whole band through the P.A. With the added 800w sub you can mic up the drums, run the keys through and not worry about the low end. Perfect for small/medium sized venues. Make some noise!

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Package 12 Par64 Led Uplights

Features 4 Par64 floor-mounted uplights which can be set on red, green, blue, yellow, violet or white. They can also be set on sound to light mode. Party lights for hire in London, ideal for weddings, private functions, leisure and special events.

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Package Pioneer

Superb quality equipment for hire. With this package you get 2 Pioneer Cdj2000, and 1 Pioneer Djm900. Perfect package for DJ´s, party organizers, weddings in London, and corporate events. Add some cool lights for hire and enjoy outstanding results.

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Isolution imove 250s Moving head

The Isolution 250s is a professional 250w moving head that will give your event the “Wow” factor. Unlike most moving heads of it’s class, these do not require a lighting technician to operate. They have fabulous built-in light shows and come with an easy to use CA-8 controller. They also feature 16 Dmx channels, sound/light mode, 7 interchangeable gobos+open, shaking effect, color wheel: 9 trapezoid colors+white, rainbow effect in both directions, effect wheel and rotating prism/dimmer.

These lights are suitable for medium to large events and a haze/smoke machine is recommended for maximum effect.


Anywhere in London

We come to you anywhere in the London area. Ask a member of our team or check Delivery rates, and you could be entitled to save 100% of transport costs. Hire your Sound & Light Equipment with Westway Sound and feel the positive difference.

Most Popular Hire

Advanced SEOOur customers vary from big corporate organizations to individuals and private functions. Microphones and Speakers for hire are the most popular in the Sound section. And the light hire page gives you plenty of great ideas to get started right away.

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